Make financial decisions
with confidence -
even if you’re not
a “numbers person”.

✓ Make smarter business decisions
✓ Know your business is set up to thrive
✓ Master your money

You’re a smart person, but your business financials are a hot mess. I can help.


I’m Michael King.  I'm an engineer AND a numbers person - and this shit was even confusing to me!

After 10+ years and an MBA, I've figured out everything you need to know about business financials. I’ve boiled it all down to just the essentials so you can officially transform your side hustle into a legit business with ease and confidence. The secret is learning how to think differently — to think like a business owner so you are empowered and in control of your business and your future.

It’s time to stop stressing about what you don’t know or wondering if your decisions are hurting your business.

Consider me your new CFO BFF.

The transition from amateur to entrepreneur begins with knowing your numbers.


Making decisions confidently

You quickly & easily make decisions based on the numbers you know. Never wonder if you can afford something again.

Focusing on your passion

Your time is spent on doing what you love and you keep more of what you make. No more energy wasted on stress and uncertainty.

Moving toward your dreams

You’re a master of your money. Your business is legit and strategically set up to achieve your broader life goals.

I get it! Looking at your business financials can feel overwhelmingly complicated.

When I first started in business, I was intimidated and overwhelmed by all the fancy finance jargon.

It seemed like no one could explain accounting to me in “regular people” words.

I got fed up with the frustration, confusion, and imposter syndrome and I made it my mission to crack the code of finance and accounting.

10 years and an MBA later, I own my own thriving business and my team and I have helped hundreds of businesses do the same.

I’m dedicated to helping people understand their numbers so they can gain confidence & clarity and make better business decisions.